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Compassion Child Survival Programme

Pray for Lemlem Mekana Jesus Child Survival Project

Please pray for our Child Survival project in Ada Liben-Debre, Ethiopia. There are currently 38 mothers and 39 babies benefitting from the vital medical care, nutritional and emotional support provided by our partner church. 

One of the mothers, Chewanesh Tekle, has given us an update on how the project has blessed her life:

Chewanesh from Ethiopia“My name is Chewanesh Tekle. I, my husband Girma and my child Arsema Girma live together in a rented room of Birr 350 monthly rent. My husband had an accident on his leg due to which he is crippled and cannot work properly. He earns some income engaged in shoe-polishing. I was working in people’s houses washing clothes and baking injera but when I got pregnant with Arsema I was unable to keep up with these works and thus was forced to quit.

I gave birth to Arsema while we were in a very terrible condition. It was at this situation that the project was registering needy people and we rushed to do so when Arsema was 3 months old. We were worried on how to raise this baby but when I was told that I was recruited at the project and was called to take photos my joy was immense and my hope revived.

As the income of my husband with the shoe-polishing work was very meagre, it was not enough to cover our own expenses let alone the child’s and this had escalated my worries. By God’s help I got this opportunity and today I live with great hope.

We get provisions of many things such as milk, teff, personal care items, and edible grains. She is fed with balanced food at the project. I and my child undergo medical check-ups. I get various teachings and trainings such as on raising and caring for children, on their nutrition, on personal hygiene, on various jobs, on the word of God and healthcare. Due to these, my thinking and outlook have changed since I joined the project. Now, with the plans the project has for us to create jobs for us, I have thought of selling charcoal outside my compound.”

  • Give thanks for Lemlem Mekana Jesus Child Survival project and the lifeline it has provided to Chewanesh and her family. Pray for Girma as he continues to recover from his accident.
  • Ask God to bless the project activities. Pray for the babies in the programme who are battling health difficulties.
  • Lift up our partner church, Lemlem Mekane Yesus Church, as they reach out to the most vulnerable mothers and babies in their community. 
  • Please pray for the Women Deliver Conference, currently taking place in Copenhagen. Women Deliver is the world’s largest global conference on the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women in the last decade. 


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