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Kenya school boys outside the gates

What We Do

We believe it’s an injustice that worldwide more than 356 million children live in extreme poverty.* And as Christians, we have a biblical call to care for the poor and love our neighbour.

That’s why Compassion works in partnership with local churches to release children from poverty, in Jesus’ name.

We care for children even before they’ve been born, all the way through to young adulthood, giving them support in every core area of their lives. Graduates of our programmes often become changemakers, bringing hope and transformation to their families, communities and even countries.

*World Bank Group-UNICEF


We reach the most vulnerable children even before they have been born.

We provide antenatal care for vulnerable mothers, ensure children are vaccinated against deadly diseases and give mothers the skills they need to earn a living. In partnership with local churches, we give children the very best possible start in life.

Child Sponsorship Programme

Our Child Sponsorship Programme empowers children and young people by providing educational opportunities, nutritional support, medical check-ups and the support of their local church.


Children in poverty have vast and complex needs. Our Interventions complement the work of our Child Survival and Child Sponsorship Programmes by taking action in emergency situations and protecting our children in the long-term.

Through RESPOND, we're able to provide safe drinking water for children, distribute malaria nets, fund life-saving surgery, set up programmes to prevent malnutrition and provide emergency relief after a disaster.