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Tax Relief: A Simple Choice That Can Do Even More

It only takes a few moments to tax relief your donations. But it can make a huge difference.

The Next Generation: Meet 3 Remarkable Young Changemakers

We’re increasingly seeing young adults sacrificially giving their time and funds to support Compassion’s ministry. Read on to meet three amazing young sponsors and volunteers serving in this way.

Ethiopia Update

In November 2020, conflict broke out in the Tigray (northern) region of Ethiopia and has since spread to some of the surrounding regions. Here we provide updates on the current impact to Compassion’s programme.

The Global Food Crisis: 9 Photos Capture The Human Face Of Hunger

What does a global food crisis look like? As Compassion’s local photojournalists meet vulnerable children and caregivers, they come to know hunger by name. These nine eye-opening photos capture their experiences from the frontlines.

The First in My Family

Ending poverty can seem like an insurmountable challenge. But showing God’s love to just one child can ripple out, impacting a family, a community, and ultimately a nation. Not just now, but into eternity.

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