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Beyond Rejection

How the local church is helping to encourage acceptance for people with disabilities in Togo.

How Compassion’s Work Supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Compassion’s unwavering vision to see children released from poverty in Jesus’ name aligns with the United Nation’s efforts to eradicate world poverty and hunger by 2030.

Abandoned in a Drain: The Astonishing Survival and Adoption of Baby Miracle

Found in a storm drain, read how the compassion shown by one family living in poverty in Uganda saved Miracle, an abandoned baby’s, life.

“God Prepared A Home For Us”

How a grieving grandmother found healing through raising her granddaughter.

How One Father is Taking a Stand Against FGM

When one of our local church partners in Kenya ran a workshop for caregivers outlining the dangers and harm of FGM, one father decided it was time to take a stand.

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