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Pray for Typhoon Haima

Compassion Philippines asks us to pray

Super Typhoon Haima hit the Philippines yesterday at 11pm local time. Allan Tabdi, our partnership facilitator for the Cagayan area, has been explaining how we can be praying for children and families:

What are the challenges children and families may face during this crisis?

Children need food for at least three to four meals and water during or after the typhoon. Depending on the parents or caregivers’ capacity to get back to work, the need for food may extend for two or three days after the disaster. After the storm, they may need minor repairs for their homes, especially for roofing materials. For those who will suffer from flooding, they may need replacements for school materials and cooking implements that may have been lost from the floodwaters.

How will Compassion's church partners be responding?

Our church partners designate parent-leaders who can update them about children in their assigned group during and after the typhoon. Some church partners open their buildings as evacuation centres for the beneficiaries and other people in the community.

In the lead up to the super typhoon, our church partners were purchasing food for at least three-four meals of each child's family. They will have been sending text messages to children's families to warn them of the storm. And the churches were organising prayer meetings. 

After the typhoon, the project staff members will visit the communities to check on the situation of the families. This assessment is reported to the Project Management Committee who will act as the Disaster Response Committee. They will coordinate with the local government and provide relief goods if needed. 

How can we pray for the Philippines?

  • Please pray for the provision of basic needs.
  • Pray for good health and well-being.
  • Ask that people will see the Lord's grace, protection and provision. 



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