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Pray for Five Children Facing Tough Health Challenges

Take a moment to lift to the Lord five young people who are struggling with different health issues. We give thanks that through Compassion’s Health Interventions we’re able to intercede in these situations to provide vulnerable children with life-saving medical treatment.

• Wevyllen from Brazil urgently needs your prayers as he prepares for brain surgery to remove a tumour. Pray that Wevyllen and his family will know God’s peace as they await test results.

• Lift up Asifwe and Aurore in Rwanda who are both undergoing treatment on their knees. Pray that 10-year-old Asifwe will recover well from surgery and that doctors will be able to identify and treat the cause of Aurore’s swelling in her knee.

• Pray for wisdom for the doctors treating Bator from Burkina Faso as they work to prevent the spread of a tumour.

• Pray for 11-year-old Samara in Sri Lanka, that God will bring complete healing.

Heavenly Father, we pray that Wevyllen, Bator, Asifwe and Aurore and Samara will know your peace and comfort as they face these tough health issues. We thank you that you see each of these situations and we ask for complete healing in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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