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A battle against liver disease

28 September 2016

Our partnership facilitator, Mendro Flores, was able to visit Placer last week to see baby John Michael and his family. 

John still has pneumonia and is continuing to receive medication from the local doctor. The project staff are monitoring the situation closely, helping John's parents prepare him for the liver transplant procedure.

Once John is given the all-clear from pneumonia and he gets up to normal weight, his parents and project staff will take him to Manila for the pre-liver transplant evaluation.

Mendro asks us to keep praying for:

  • John to be cured of pneumonia
  • John to put on weight so that the operation can go ahead safely
  • His father to find steady employment
  • John's mother to find comfort and peace during this difficult time. 

13 September 2016

Please pray for baby JM who is part of Placer Baptist Child Survival Programme in the Philippines. JM has been diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a childhood
disease of the liver in which one or more bile ducts are abnormally narrow,
blocked or absent.

JM needs to undergo a pre-liver transplant evaluation but sadly this has been postponed because he is suffering from pneumonia.

Please join us in praying for JM's health. Pray that he would overcome pneumonia quickly so that the liver transplant can go ahead. Ask God to protect this fragile young life. 


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