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A child, girls, in close-up sits at her desk inside her classroom surrounded by other students, boys and girls, as she looks down drawing, coloring a picture on yellow paper for her sponsor, correspondence. She has a green pencil, coloring pencil in her hand.

Can I write to my sponsored child?

Children love receiving letters from their sponsors! It means so much to a child to know there is someone on the other side of the world to encourage and pray for them. So please write!

Your letters will be more treasured and life-affirming than you can possibly imagine. 

How to send a letter

You can write using the specific letter writing paper we send to you or online through your myCompassion account. You’ll notice that the letter paper we send you has a barcode on that’s specific to you and your child. If you choose to use your own letter paper, that’s fine, but please attach a sheet of the barcoded paper to help us process your letters quickly.

Please send any physical letters to:

Compassion Ireland,
Suite 3 Eden Gate-
Centre, Delgany,
Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Things to bear in mind

Letters take a while to be translated and hand delivered, so please understand if your sponsored child doesn’t respond to your questions straight away.

Writing is a new skill for many of our children so some letters may be more basic than you would expect from a child of a similar age here. Children will often express themselves through drawings and, if they are really little, their project workers will write on their behalf.

Some projects also use letter writing as an opportunity to help children improve their literacy, so the letters may seem a little formal as a result.

What to write

Take time to introduce yourself and your family. Share information about your hobbies, your church, where you live, your country and where you work or go to school. You may not think your life is all that interesting, but children will be fascinated to hear about where you live and what you get up to.

Take time to encourage your sponsored child too. Admire any pictures they draw and praise them for their letters they send. You can also send encouraging Bible verses and ask them if there’s anything specific you can pray for.



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