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Reflection from the field: between tears and joy

"During the rough times the world is facing, the Lord has allowed us to be His arms and legs as we are part of this ministry. I believe many of us have had the moment to wonder, how can we change the world by doing this? Does sponsoring children really make a difference?

The best moments serving in this ministry are the opportunities to be part of making one life at a time different. When I started my job, one of the first training experiences I received was to work on a RESPOND proposal for Josue.

Josue was a child hovering between life and death after a terrible accident. Doctors had walked out on the case hopelessly, and Josue himself had abandoned every dream and hope of survival. I can only say, 'Thank God I was not alone!'

It was not my task alone; many people were involved in the funding and delivery of his treatment! For the glory of the Lord, at this moment, Josue is back in his regular life activities. It has been such a blessing to find him shopping by the grocery store near my house.

Perhaps at times our work and our giving is hard. No matter the reason for those tears, the Lord reminds us that our tears will turn into shouts of joy. Let’s praise the Lord for the harvest He will bring and the joy this will be!

“Restore our fortunes, LORD, like streams in the Negev. Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” Psalm 126:4–5

Prayer: Dear Lord, thanks for allowing us to serve You. We need You much more than You need us, but please use our daily work and giving to change lives. Let us have the joy of hearing the nations say, “The Lord has worked miracles for His people.”

By Rocio Gomez, Compassion Honduras


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