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faith raised in Peru

“Our walls may have fallen but our faith is raised”

Thunder scares me,” says 7-year-old Astrid. “When I hear it, I go to my mum’s side to stay safe.”

Astrid flooding in Peru

Astrid is a 7 year-old little girl from Piura, the city in Peru most severely affected by the recent rains and flooding

Astrid lives with her mum and her two brothers. At the end of March, floodwaters swept through her house.

“My house! What happened to my house?” Astrid remembers yelling, scared and shocked.

“Astrid and my two sons were playing in the living room when suddenly the walls of our house collapsed,” adds Astrid’s mum. “We’d never imagined that the walls would fall in seconds. I was in the kitchen when I heard a very loud noise and ran to the living room; the walls were on the floor! In that moment, I saw my kids, they were hugging each other.”

In the aftermath of the destruction, project staff from our partner, Filadefia Church, began visiting families in the community. They were able to help Astrid's mum construct plywood walls to support the roof. 

“My family and I are very thankful for this support; the rain is not entering into my house anymore because the walls do not allow the water to come in. We feel safe now; there are some parts that need restoration but at least the risky situation is gone.”

Astrid and her family

The family are so thankful for the practical and prayer support they've received. 

“Sometimes I hear the thunder but I am not scared anymore because I know Jesus is with me. My tutor came to visit us and he encouraged me to trust Jesus even in the scariest day,” explains Astrid with a tender smile. “The good thing about the rains is that I get to share the bedroom with my mum. She sleeps with us to protect us.”

Astrid and her family may have suffered great physical losses, but they have not lost their faith.

“Our faith is stronger in the Lord; our faith is raised,” says Astrid’s mum. “We continue going to church and praising the Lord. It is a miracle that my kids are alive and healthy!”

Days have passed, and the heavy rains have ceased, but there is a long road ahead of recovery and restoration. The streets are still filled with puddles and waterborne diseases are spreading. Yet, Filadefia Church and Compassion are working together to restore families, both emotionally and physically, and protect them from danger.

Please join us in praying for Astrid and her family:

  • Give thanks for God's protection over this family.
  • Pray for provision as they're supported by the local church to fully repair their home.
  • Ask that Astrid and her siblings would be given God's peace as they process the events of the last few weeks. 
  • Lift up the project staff and volunteers from Filadefia Church as they respond to the need in their community. 

Please continue to pray for the thousands of children and families affected by the flooding in northern Peru. Pray for safety and provision for the 170,000 who have lost their homes.

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