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Mother and baby in Nicaragua

Our Child Survival Programme in Nicaragua

Today’s blog features a remarkable young lady called Cindy. A mum at 14, Cindy has faced great adversity in her short life.

"I felt very happy about becoming a mum, but I was very scared because of my parents," she explains. Without her family's support, Cindy and her daughter faced an uncertain future. 

Thankfully, Cindy was given access to vital support and health care thanks to our Child Survival Programme. “When I have a problem, I go to my group and I can share with them, and we pray together,” says Cindy with a striking smile. 

  • Please pray for our work amongst vulnerable mums and babies in Nicaragua. Pray especially for those who become mums at a young age. In Nicaragua, 40% of girls are married before they reach age 18.*
  • Lift up our 10 Child Survival projects. Pray for our project staff, health specialists and church partners who reach out and provide support and education to the poorest in their communities. 


Watch Cindy's story


*UNICEF Info by Country - Nicaragua


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