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Pray for Bangladesh

Cyclone Amphan: Pray With Us

Update: 27 May 2020

A week ago, the fiercest super-storm in decades ripped through southern Bangladesh and India destroying homes and killing more than 90 people. 

Before the cyclone hit, our church partners in Bangladesh visited homes and alerted residents to the coming storm. Now, they are doing their best to provide comfort and support to those who have returned to damaged homes.

While clean-up operations have begun, it has been reported millions remain without power. With croplands and fisheries destroyed, many who are now returning are also fearing the loss of their livelihoods.

Please pray for the people who have lost homes and livelihoods in the wake of Cyclone Amphan. May God provide a way for them to survive. Please also pray for our church partners caring for their communities. Let them be a beacon of comfort and hope as they help those affected.

To those who have seen our updates and prayed, thank you. As always, we’ll be in touch if your sponsored child has been directly impacted.

Update: 21 May 2020

Thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed in the wake of Cyclone Amphan. In low-lying coastal areas like Khulna and Satkhira, villages are now submerged.

At least 72 people have lost their lives in India's West Bengal state, and 12 people have been confirmed dead in Bangladesh due to the cyclone. We've just received this video from our photojournalist in Bangladesh. Our hearts are with our Bangladeshi church partners during this extremely challenging time. 


We praise God the authorities were able to evacuate nearly 2.5 million people before the cyclone hit. And grieve for the lives lost. May God use His people powerfully at this time to bring care and comfort to those affected. Please continue to pray for children and families in India and Bangladesh. 

20 May 2020

Millions of people are being evacuated right now as the most powerful cyclone in twenty years bears down on Bangladesh and India.

Approaching from the Bay of Bengal, Super Cyclone Amphan is expected to hit the eastern coast of India and Southern Bangladesh with winds travelling up to 115 miles per hour at 6pm local time.

Officials in Bangladesh state that the cyclone could bring tidal waves and heavy rain fall, leading to floods. About 30 million people could be affected.

It has also been reported that evacuation efforts have been further complicated by COVID-19 restrictions.

We do not know as yet how this storm will impact them or Compassion-sponsored children and their families. We currently have 175 Compassion projects in Bangladesh. Please be assured that we’ll contact you directly if your sponsored child is impacted by Cyclone Amphan. 

We would appreciate your prayers during this time.


Heavenly Father, we pray for all those who will be affected by Cyclone Amphan. We desperately pray for your hand of protection over families living in the area, keeping them from serious devastation.

We ask that you comfort and draw near to those impacted by Cyclone Amphan. Please Lord, keep them safe.

We bring the churches in Bangladesh and those involved in the relief effort before you now. We ask you strengthen and safeguard them as they support those in need. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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