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7 children in Ecuador who need your prayers

18 June

In January, we asked you to pray for Joselyn who suffered serious burns after an accident. Compassion Ecuador has sent us an update on her condition. They give thanks that Joselyn was able to have her first round of surgery in Boston. In July she will fly there again to remove keloids. Please pray this second surgery helps Joselyn to recover both physically and emotionally.

7 January

  • Years ago, Nathanael had surgery to remove a tumour in his face. Sadly the tumour has returned and Nathanael faces another major operation. Compassion Ecuador ask us to pray for a miracle. Please pray for the malignant tumour to be removed safely and for Nathanael to make a full recovery.
  • Yison is suffering from severe epilepsy. Please pray that medical treatment gets his condition under control. Ask that he will find shelter and strength in the Lord. 
  • A year ago, Joselyn suffered third degree burns on her face and body. Compassion's RESPOND ministry has provided Joselyn with the resources she needs for a new set of skin grafts. Please pray for the surgery to be successful and for Joselyn to make a full recovery. 
  • Anthony''s parents have left him to live with his grandmother and he is struggling with feelings of neglect and abandonment. Pray for protection and care for him.  
  • Siblings Mauro, Jenny and Blanca recently lost their mother to stomach cancer. Blanca and Mauro are the youngest and their mother's death has affected them greatly. The sisters are under the care of their older sister since their father works away in the city. Please pray that God comforts these siblings. 


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