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Tropical Storm Nate

Becca Stanley

Update: Tropical storm Nate hits Nicaragua

October 17, 2017

Children and families affected by Tropical Storm Nate have now received assistance. Our impacted church partners have been running limited project activities as they make repairs. NI0288 suffered damage to their latrines, so they are digging a new area to reconstruct their bathrooms. For the time being, children at this project are only able to meet for two hours a day. 

1,459 children are now reported as affected. They are being given emergency support thanks to our RESPOND fund. 

Please pray for continued health and safety among children and families, as well as resources and local partnerships to support relief and rehabilitation efforts.

Compassion Nicaragua will keep us updated as more information becomes available.

October 10, 2017

Rain continues in parts of Nicaragua following Tropical Storm Nate last week. Some areas are still flooded and remain without power. To date, we have confirmation that four of our church partners and 846 Compassion-assisted children have been affected. 

With the help of Compassion Nicaragua staff, our church partners are providing initial support distributing water, plastic and food as they assess the needs of children and their families. The field office plans to use funds from RESPOND to further help with relief efforts. In particular they need to provide children with medical treatment for respiratory issues caused by the rains.  

October 5, 2017

Tropical Storm Nate hit the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua yesterday, causing heavy rains, flooding and landslides in some areas. The government issued an alert, suspending school classes throughout the country. Our church partners were encouraged to follow the government’s guidance. The storm has moved on, but heavy rains continue and some areas are without electricity.


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