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Sanjeev Mishra

Ethiopia Update

In November 2020, conflict broke out in the Tigray (northern) region of Ethiopia and has since spread to some of the surrounding regions.

If you sponsor within Ethiopia, please rest assured that we’ll let you know of any updates from our local partners as we receive them.

As the conflict has escalated in recent weeks and months, there have been impacts to Compassion’s ministry in several regions of Ethiopia. On this page, Compassion sponsors and supporters will find updates on the situation, prayer requests and answers to frequently asked questions.


How the conflict has impacted Compassion’s work in Ethiopia


Impact on projects

There are a number of Compassion centres in confirmed inaccessible conflict areas (areas where there is disruption to communications (including telephone and internet), transportation, and banking services due to the conflict), leading to temporary suspensions of our partnerships with those frontline church partners.

Sponsors with children affected by suspended operations have been notified, and we’ll provide more information as we receive updates.

In areas still accessible we’ve made some adjustments. To support our frontline church partners to focus on the specific needs of children, youth, and families caused by the conflict, we have encouraged flexibility in how the Compassion programme is being delivered. Church partners that are able to do so continue to implement Compassion’s programme but can adjust as needed to prioritise the safety and well-being of staff, volunteers, children, youth, and their families.

Impact on gifts and letters

As we respond to this conflict, we've decided to temporarily pause the delivery of letters and gifts to and from Ethiopia. This pause allows our church partners and staff to focus on the immediate needs of children, families, and their communities during this challenging time. However, do be aware that some letters may still filter through as they were already in transit from Ethiopia when the suspension occurred. We'll continue to deliver letters from children to sponsors where possible, but these may be delayed or interrupted.

If you’ve already sent a letter or gift, we’ll do our best to deliver it, but we can’t guarantee its delivery at this time because of the conflict.

You may decide to continue writing and sending letters, but please know they’ll be held for the time being until we can deliver again. Please do refrain from discussing the conflict in your greetings to help keep sponsored children and young people as safe as possible.


How you can respond


Please pray

We’re so grateful for your faithfulness in standing alongside our staff and church partners in Ethiopia. Your prayers are so important, and we’d like to invite you to pray with us for the following:

  • Pray for the violence and conflict to end.
  • Pray for the protection of children, youth and their families, and our Ethiopian staff and frontline church partners.
  • Pray for our frontline church partners who are doing their best to respond to the needs of their neighbours in the midst of crisis.
  • Pray for the ability to deliver normal programme activities to children and families be restored.

Consider giving a gift to the Ethiopia Relief Fund

If you wish to send a gift to your sponsored child, their family, or their Child Development Centre at this time, please consider donating to our Ethiopia Relief Fund, as those funds can be used directly to provide aid to those in need during times of conflict and disaster. Please use 'Ethiopia Relief Fund' as a reference for your donation.

In the event that we can no longer fund aid or support church-based projects helping those impacted by this conflict, we will use the funds for disaster relief in other countries, depending on where it is needed most.

Donate to the Ethiopia Relief Fund


We understand this may be distressing news and you may have further questions. Please do call our friendly team on 01932 836490 if you have any questions or concerns. We'd love to help.

Our phone lines are open from 9:30am – 6pm, Monday to Thursday and 9:30am - 5pm on Friday. 

Updated: 9 December 2021



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