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An Easter prayer answered

"Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it." John 14:13-14 


Gloria lives with her mother and father in Syaloom Suluun, East Indonesia. Their small home, loaned to them by Gloria’s grandmother is constructed from board, cement and bamboo. Despite being modest, the house has a distinct feature. On the front porch hangs red, cross-shaped lanterns made from wax paper and bamboo. They’re decorated with small lights and are a sign that Gloria’s family is celebrating Easter.

For Gloria Easter is a happy time. Her school has a long break giving her plenty of time to play with her ​​friends. At the Compassion project where she is registered, the staff plan lots of fun games and activities, as well as the traditional Easter celebrations. Gloria is taking part in two games, a marble race and the cracker-eating contest.

Back at home, Gloria’s mother prepares special Easter dishes. “The dishes made by mum are not expensive like other families, but I am happy to eat the food because it tastes delicious,” Gloria explains.

Before the family eats, Gloria says grace, “Lord bless this food, bless dad and mum also. These foods will give us strength for our weak bodies. Amen.” For Gloria’s mum, Serny, prayer is very important and she has encouraged Gloria to pray from an early age. Over the years the family has seen God’s faithfulness and provision for their family. For two years, Gloria’s father suffered from severe abdominal pain which prevented him from working for long periods of time. But, “God answered my prayer on Easter. My husband was cured of his illness.” Serny says. For every prayer that she raises, Serny is confident it will bring good results, because God never disappoints those who believe in Him.


Father God, we thank you for the amazing privilege of being able to come before you in prayer. Thank you for the way you’ve answered the prayers of Gloria’s family. Amen.


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