Momotombo ash

Momotombo Volcano in Nicaragua


Praise God that Volcano Momotombo has reduced its activity and the situation has stabilised. Give thanks that local people are no longer in danger.

Compassion project activities have fully resumed. Children received extra food during the time when their parents were unable to work. They were also given medial treatment for respiratory and skin issues due to the ash in the air. 

11 December

  • The Momotombo Volcano has decreased in activity but the alert remains. Lava flow is now advancing towards the El Papalonal community.
  • Please continue to pray for protection and health for those in the region. 
  • Compassion field staff are monitoring the situation closely. 

4 December

  • On Tuesday, for the first time in over 100 years, the Momotombo Volcano in Nicaragua began spewing ash, gas and lava. The volcano is in Leon near the west coast of Nicaragua. Four communities are affected, but none have been evacuated so far. The government is monitoring the situation.
  • Three Compassion projects have temporarily suspended their activities following advice from the government.
  • Compassion church partners are providing meals, as well as assistance to those with medical needs, such as respiratory and skin issues.

Please pray for protection and healing for all those affected by this disaster.


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