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Haiti Hurricane Matthew

Haiti, one month on

Today marks one month since Haiti was struck by Hurricane Matthew. Join Compassion’s Country Director, Guilbaud Saint-Cyr, and lift your voice in prayer for a nation in mourning:

“The impact has been huge on our partners, our churches. So far we have around one hundred churches affected, either severely or moderately affected. Unfortunately we do have three children, three siblings and thirteen caregivers who died. And then we need to help more than ten thousand people because the number of houses destroyed is very, very huge.

All of our sponsors and donors around the world are doing an incredible job praying for us. Please keep praying for:

  • Haiti as a country. We’re going to have elections next month. We ask God to inspire our people to vote for the right leader. We believe that if we have the right leader this country will be transformed.
  • For the five regions in our country. Hurricane Matthew really devastated many of the buildings to the ground. The impact on children and families has been very, very huge.
  • Pray for Compassion – that we would be a good steward of the resources that God entrusts to us. We’ve been giving out food kits with rice, beans, milk and other items. And also hygiene kits including towels and tooth brushes for example. We give these out in five gallon buckets because the parents, some lost everything, so they can use the five gallon buckets after that to collect water.

Thank you for your prayers." 


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