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pig power

Pig power and other stories

From goats in Ghana to pigs in Peru: 9 photos of kids with animals that will make you smile.


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Pig power and other stories

From goats in Ghana to pigs in Peru: 9 photos of kids with animals that will make you smile.

We’re passionate about empowering children to break free from poverty and one surprising way is economic empowerment through animals. When a sponsor gives a family gift or a supporter funds income-generating activity through RESPOND, animals are often what the donations are spent on. Here’s why:

The power of pigs

Pigs are a great choice for income generation. They require few materials to build their pens and are hardy animals, ideal for tough environments.

pig power and other stories

A pig is capable of reproduction from nine months and can give birth to up to 20 piglets a year. Pigs can survive on low-quality food which is necessary in poor communities where food sources may be scarce.

Hatching a plan

Chickens aren’t just great for puns, they’re also eggcellent for economic empowerment. They don’t require a lot of land and their eggs can be sold as a source of income.

boy with chicken smiling

Eggs are a great source of proteins and vitamins, helpful for feeding a growing family.

chicken and smiling girl

Chickens reproduce quickly with chicks hatching in as little as 21 days.

Nannies and kids

Give a goat is a common phrase in charity, but why goats? Goats are hardy animals, able to survive in tough environments.

goats and children

Goats can be milked every 12 hours and can produce between six to eight pints a day. Goat milk is easy to digest, high in calcium but low in cholesterol which means it’s great for growing children.

baby goat

Goats will eat pretty much anything but they thrive on shrubs, grass and grains.

goats in Thailand

Their manure can be used for growing vegetables to create another source of vitamins and income.

Local solutions

Compassion works with local churches who know the challenges their communities face. Local staff work with each family to find the best solution for them which means a wide variety of animal husbandry is on offer.

rabbit and girl

Rabbits are great for companionship, their manure can be used for growing plants and they breed like, well, rabbits.

sheep in Peru

Sheep produce wool which can be used to knit scarves, ponchos and blankets for extra income.

From goats in Ghana to pigs in Peru, animals are just one way we are empowering children, families and communities to step out of poverty.


Roz Walsh

Compassion International

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