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Boys drinking at a Ugandan Compassion project

Why children?

WHY do we focus on CHILDREN?

Children are the hardest hit by poverty. They're robbed of the opportunity to go to school, deprived health care when they get sick and not given access to the nutritional food and safe water they need to grow. Poverty can destroy a child's hope. It can even prevent them from surviving into adulthood.

And yet, when given the right opportunities, children can develop into adults who will create real and lasting change in their communities. Caring for children isn't only a Biblical command, it's a strategic way of fighting global injustice.

Implemented by our incredible church partners, our world-class Child Development Sponsorship Programme helps children overcome poverty in every area of their lives:


Thanks to individual child sponsors, Compassion gives children nutritional support and access to regular health check-ups. If children are sick, our RESPOND ministry means we can provide them with medicine and treatment.


Sponsorship removes the barriers keeping children from school! Sponsors provide assistance with school fees, supplies and uniforms as well as vocational training for older children.


Compassion projects are safe havens where children are known, loved and protected. They’re given lessons in developing social skills and provided with mentoring.


Our church partners show children and their families the love of God.

Give these opportunities to the next child in poverty.

Sponsor a child today