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Tragedy in Ghana

3 June 2015

Heavy rains fell in Ghana earlier this week causing widespread flooding in the capital city of Accra. There were chaotic scenes with cars being carried away by the water and people being trapped in their homes and offices by the water levels.

Many people were taking shelter in a petrol station. The waters carried diesel and petrol to a nearby house where a fire triggered an explosion that devastated the station and entire area. The flooding hampered rescue attempts and it is reported that 175 people were killed with that number is expected to rise.

Please pray for all those affected by the floods and the fire and for those working to restore normality in the city. More rain is forecast so let’s pray that this does not add to the difficulties.

Pray too for those in government as they look at how to plan their city to prevent more flooding in the future.

Currently no Compassion projects are reported as affected.