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Hurricane Matthew survivor

“With Jesus everything is gonna be ok”

"I recall that the hurricane started in the dark. It was around 9pm -  very dark - and as it started blowing, it was getting stronger and stronger. By the time it reached at, I should say, three in the morning, one side of our little house was tilted. And my father and mother asked us to hide ourselves on the table that we've had and we tried to be safe there, but the wind was still blowing.


Hurricane Matthew


Finally, the house cracked so badly that it was about to fall on us, but my father used all his strength to push the door out so we could escape. But we were so afraid that when we got out there and it was so windy we couldn't stand. We stood and we fell. We stood and we fell until we reached our next door neighbour over here. But by the time we got to the place, which was supposed to be a safe place, the roof went out too. So we were so insecure that we had to rush to another place more secure. But as we were rushing to the other place, I was scared. I cut myself on the road to get to the shelter, and I'm still in pain now in my foot.

We have a lot of things missing and ruined and destroyed. And here in this building all the blocks went down. 

I would ask my sponsor and others to pray for me and my family. For our house that is destroyed. It will be a long time until we return to normal. But with Jesus I think everything is gonna be all right.

When I grow up I want to be a civil engineer so I can build a house."


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