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Christmas craft

Easy handmade Christmas gift ideas

Stuck for present ideas this Christmas? Go for the personal touch and get crafty!


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Easy handmade Christmas gift ideas

Stuck for present ideas this Christmas? Go for the personal touch and get crafty!

Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Go for a personal touch and give beautiful handcrafted bangles and pendants as presents. 


These dainty, size-adjustable bangles are relatively quick and easy to make, and you can try as many different designs as you like:

You’ll need:

How to make bangles

  • 1.0mm to 1.2mm gauge wire (we’ve used both gold and silver plated wire).
  • A pair of flat nose pliers
  • A file – a nail file or emery board will do the trick!
  • Cutting pliers



  • Cut a length of wire that’s roughly 8 to 9 inches. Don’t straighten it out – the curve will help you to form the shape for the bangle later on. Carefully file down the ends so there are no sharp or rough edges.

Wire cutting


  • Now to create the design: place the flat nose pliers at the very end of the wire. Pull the other end of the wire around the nose of the pliers so it forms a rectangle.

Making bangle


  • Release, re-position the pliers, and keep wrapping the wire around so it builds up the rectangle shape.

Shaping a bangle


  • Repeat the same process for the opposite end of the wire.

Homemade bangle


  • Twist the designs so they face outwards

How to make jewellery


  • Now gently curve your piece of wire so it will sit comfortably around the wearer’s wrist.



  • Get out the wrapping paper!



Have you ever collected shells or sea glass from the beach? Maybe one of your children or grandchildren have given you a pebble they found? Here’s how you could make this keepsake into a pendant or a keychain:

You’ll need:

pendant making

  • 0.25mm gauge wire (we’ve used silver plated wire)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Something to wrap the wire around - a pebble, shell, or piece of sea glass – whatever you like.
  • Cutting pliers or scissors


  • Choose the object for your pendant (we’re using sea glass) and cut a length of wire that’s about 10 inches long.

Pendant wire cutting


  • Place the wire 1.5 to 2 inches above the edge of your sea glass.

How to make a pendant


  • Start to wrap the wire as tightly as you can around the sea glass – it can be a little fiddly, but make sure you keep the wire firmly pressed down so it doesn’t spring out of place. We’d recommend wrapping at least three times to ensure your sea glass is secure.

Wrapping wire


  • When you’re happy with how much wire you’ve wrapped around the sea glass, bring the end of the wire you’ve been wrapping with to meet the other. Being sure to keep the wires tight still, cross and twist them so they hold in place.  



  • Place your round nose pliers half a centimetre above the top of the sea glass, and pull the wires towards you by 45 degrees or so.

Make Christmas gift


  • Then wrap the two wires around the pliers (from front to back) to form the start of a loop.

Pendant making


  • Bring the two strands fully around the pliers so they wrap around the twist. Readjust the position of your pliers if you need to, and continue to wrap the wires down the twist as carefully and as tightly as you can.

Christmas craft idea

Christmas present idea


  • Wrap until you reach the end of the wire, or whenever it looks finished – you can cut off the ends. Make sure the ends are tucked away, straighten the loop if you need to, and you’re finished!

Craft pendant


  • Attach it to a spare necklace chain, keyring, or maybe hang it as a decoration on your tree.




Feeling in the Christmas spirit? Here are 5 inspirational Christmas quotes from children born into poverty that will make your day: 


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