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3 Free New Year Gifts to Celebrate the Impact You’ll Have in 2022

Discover the impact your support will have in 2022, as together we release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.


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3 Free New Year Gifts to Celebrate the Impact You’ll Have in 2022

Discover the impact your support will have in 2022, as together we release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

By sponsoring a child with Compassion in 2022, you'll make an incredible difference. By coming alongside a child or young person you’ll provide safety and stability so they can reach their God-given potential.

As we step into a new year, we’re so thankful for your continued care and support. To say thank you, we wanted to share three special gifts with you as we look at the difference your sponsorship will make.

Your support will help your sponsored child to be:

1. Well Fed

A family in El Salvador sharing a meal together thanks to a food parcel they received

Did you know that our local church partners distributed more than 12 million essential food packages to vulnerable children and their families in 2021?

Thanks to your continued support in 2022, your sponsored child will receive nutritious meals either at their Compassion project or through essential food parcels delivered to their homes.

New year, new recipe

Compassion graduate Rose grew up in a mountainous area of the Philippines where she lived in a tiny one-roomed wooden house along with 14 relatives. There was little food and no money for school fees. At seven-years-old, Rose was sponsored through Compassion and her life changed.

She was able to go to school, get health check-ups and eat nutritious meals at the local Compassion project. One of Rose’s favourite meals was Pancit Bihon or Filipino Noodles.

Why not banish the January blues by learning to cook this delicious, veg packed dish.

Read the recipe


2. Educated

6-year-old Deisy with her teacher

According to Sidney Muisyo, Compassion’s Head of Global Programme, education has a long-term impact for a child and their family to come out of poverty. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated an existing learning crisis, with the United Nations estimating that close to 1.6 billion children and youth were out of school in April 2020.

Thanks to your sponsorship in 2022, your sponsored child will receive the resources they need to access education this year. Depending on their age and where they live, this might take the form of school uniforms and textbooks, additional tutoring, or equipment to help facilitate home learning.

“I deeply appreciate the school supplies my daughter gets at the beginning of the school season. I work as a janitor and the fact that Deisy gets school supplies at the Compassion project is a huge financial aid for me,” says Carolina, mum to 6-year-old Deisy.

3. Valued

A group of children from Tanzania

This year your sponsored child will receive care, love, guidance and teaching from a team of well-trained staff from their local church. They will even have a designated staff member who is responsible for going the extra mile in caring for them!

Affirmations to encourage children in 2022

It’s our heart to champion children and young people all around the world, which is way we’ve created a special collection of Biblically-based affirmations for you to download and print via our Compassion UK sister blog. 

Perfect for your child’s bedroom, a lunch box note or as a paper gift to your sponsored child, these affirmations are perfect way to remind children and young people that no matter what the new year brings, God is bigger than whatever situation they face.

7 Printable Positive Affirmations

4. Confident

Reading letters

This year you’ll boost your sponsored child's self-esteem this year by simply writing to them!

“When I receive a letter, it makes me feel that I am important to my sponsor. I like to write letters to [my sponsor] and tell her about my life and family. The most important thing about being sponsored is to have a person who writes to me and tells me about her culture and nice things like she loves me. I feel happy when I receive a letter from my sponsor, says 13-year-old Sara from Colombia.

5. Healthy

Health check in El Salvador

You’ll enable your sponsored child to stay healthy in 2022 thanks to the distribution of hygiene kits, health screenings and immunisations.

Last year, Lavy and his twin brother, Davy, received their vaccine to prevent hepatitis B thanks to an awareness and screening campaign carried out through their local church in Burkina Faso.

“I am a proud mother, says Agnes. “The twins received their vaccine at the [Compassion] project to be safe from hepatitis B that costs the lives of many kids. The support is amazing, and I am more than thankful amid the pandemic, the project continues to care for the children.”

New year wellness plan

Take a moment to also look after your own health and wellbeing with seven tips inspired by the quality care children receive in the Compassion programme. 

Downloadable wellness action plan

6. Protected

Home visit in Uganda

Poverty places children at risk: abuse, enforced child labour, child trafficking, FGM and child marriage are to name just a few dangers.

Thanks to regular contact either at their Compassion project or through home visits each Compassion-supported child and young person is known and care for. If staff and volunteers from the local church spot that a child is acting out of character or absent from activities, they will follow up to ensure they are being kept safe.

7. Empowered

Children learning to weave mats at their Compassion project

In addition to their schooling, your sponsored child will also follow a specially designed curriculum which has been tailored to their age and context. These classes are run by the local church and are different to the education they receive at school as it emphasises practical application, for example instead of learning maths, children learn how to apply mathematical skills.

Older children will also participate in vocational training. From bead-making to carpentry, baking to hairdressing your support is equipping your sponsored child with the skills they need to find employment in later life and pursue their God given potential.

If you don't already sponsor a child, why not make it a New Year's resolution to empower a child today.

Becca Stanley

Compassion International





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