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19 ways you can show kindness today

Be inspired by children’s remarkable acts of kindness.


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19 ways you can show kindness today

Be inspired by children’s remarkable acts of kindness.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Mother Teresa

To celebrate World Kindness Day, here are 19 stunning snapshots of Compassion kids living out love, joy, patience and kindness. We hope these simple but meaningful acts of kindness inspire you and brighten your day. 


1. Take time to tell your family why you love them.



Bruno from Brazil is a doting big brother who loves to take care of his baby sister. He's practising to become a "doctor of kids" when he grows up. 


2. Surprise someone with a gift to make them smile.

Sisters with a teddy bear


This sister from Tanzania lets her younger sibling play with her favourite teddy bear.


3. Generously share a skill with a friend. 

Hair braiding


In Haiti, Rose gives up the time to plait her sister's hair. She learnt how to plait through our programme and is now passionate about using her skill to bless others. She's even started her own business. 


4. Reach out to someone who needs your support.

Holding baby hand


New mum Colleata from Kenya holds out her fingers to her daughter. Zipporah was born prematurely and weighed just 1.6 kilos. Now thanks to our Child Survival programme she's growing into a strong and healthy baby. 


5. Share a meaningful moment.

Friends in Ecuador


Young friends in Ecuador share a giggle at their Compassion project. 


6. Get alongside a friend who needs a shoulder to lean on.

Friends walking arm in arm


In Kenya, 6-year-old Faith supports her friends on their way to class. 


7. Offer to help someone with their work.

Reading the Bible


A friend patiently helps 4-year-old Myriame read her first Bible. This is the first book Myriame has ever owned - she loves looking at the colourful illustrations. 


8. Go out of your way to give someone a lift.

Boys on a bicycle


This young lad in Burkina Faso is happy to play the taxi driver for his friends and neighbours! 


9. Offer to help with the chores.

Washing in Bolivia


Sisters from Bolivia help with the family washing.


10. Extend a helping hand in the kitchen.

Cooking in the Philippines


7-year-old Jose gives his mum a hand with the dinner. "I am very proud of my son," she shares. "He is young but he has a good attitude and a good character which he has learnt through the project."


11. Treat a stranger to a cuppa.

Drinking tea in Tanzania


It's tea time at this Compassion project in Kisongo, 30 km west of Arusha, Tanzania


12. Let someone jump in front of you in a queue.

Follow the leader in Brazil


In Brazil, Ana Graziely is second in line for lunch after letting her good friend go first.


13. Lend a listening ear to a neighbour.

Brothers embrace


6-year-old Eric embraces his younger brothers Julius and Erwin. 


14. Treasure the wisdom of an older loved one. 

Grandmother and granddaughter


Rievelly wraps her arms around her grandmother Maria as she carefully listens to her advice. 


15. Take the time to say hello on public transport. 

Boy riding on a bus


Giving a big thumbs up on the way to a field trip in Colombia


16. Expand your social circle to include a new friend. 

Holding hands in Kenya


These children from Njoro Town, Kenya take the time to build new friendships. 


17. Hold open the door for someone.

Girl smiling in August


Miriam, a cheeky toddler from Uganda holds the door open for her dad. 


18. Tell someone of God's kindness.

Reading the Bible in Ethiopia


Bethel from Ethiopia explains God's goodness to a friend. 


19. Say thank you. 

Thank you


Kids in Uganda send a message of thanks to their sponsors - they're so grateful for the love they've been shown through our child sponsorship programme . Their infectious smiles say it all!

Jennie Taylor

Compassion International

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