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South America

Children playing at the project


More than 75,100 children are being released from poverty thanks to 232 Compassion projects.

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John Nascimento da Silva, a 21 year old, young man, graduate student, wearing a grey shirt and jeans, sits on a small bench inside the classroom, class, yellow painted walls class with colorful mural illustration of family on the back wall, and streamers, playing guitar, music, singing songs, leading music fun class, in front of a group of young centre children, boys and girls, sitting together on benches in three rows, looking to him to lead them in music songs.


More than 42,400 children are being released from poverty thanks to the care and support of 186 of

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Close up of a project little girl, child, with hands folded, palms held together in prayer in front of her face and eyes closed as she prays. She is praying with other classmates, students, boys and girls, children, inside the project student center classroom.


More than 70,800 children are receiving vital education and encouragement.

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Our 255 church partners are caring for more than 78,400 children born into poverty.

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Our 250 church partners are currently bringing hope to 69,800 Peruvian children born into poverty.

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